Love Is Art - Black
Love Is Art - Black
Love Is Art - Black
Love Is Art - Black

Love Is Art - Black

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Everything a couple needs to safely make an abstract painting while sharing their love.

Kit Includes:

  • 8' X 12' plastic tarp to protect surfaces from paint splashes
  • 3.5' x 4.5' specially treated cotton canvas
  • 4 oz. bottle of specially formulated all-natural, organic, non-toxic, washable paint
  • Two pairs of disposable slippers
  • Soft mesh body scrubber


  • Roll the plastic sheet out onto the floor
  • Place the specially treated canvas on top of the plastic sheet
  • Pour the 4 oz. of specially formulated paint onto the canvas, and then use your bodies to move the paint around and across the canvas to a unique abstract image
  • Throw the disposable slippers on and walk to the shower or bath to wash each other
  • After your one-of-a-kind abstract painting has dried, simply take the canvas to your local art store and have it stretched onto a frame